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Yufai Ritual 

An ancient Thai beauty treatment with remarkable benefits

Yufai Ritual is Thailand's ancient treatment procedure to take care of mother after given birth. It combines many traditional care such as salt clay compress, herbal stream pavillion, Thai Massage, etc, in order to revitalize body, mind and soul after intense labor. OREASE has two type of Yufai Ritual. Yufai Traditional and Yufai Beauty 


Yufai Ritual

Price included Transportation, Product, Vat, Tips and everything

Treatment Price
Yufai Traditional 
1. Thai Massage (Warm Up)-60mins
2. Belly Massage with Salt Cray Pot(Tub Moa Gluea)-30mins
3. Herbal Steam Pavillion -30mins
4. Herbal Mask and Scrub-60mins
5. Breast massage and herbal compress-60mins
6. Abdominal wrapping
7. Herbal Drink
(Total 4 Hours)
Yufai Beauty 
1. Foot Herbal Bath and massage-20mins
2. Herbal Stream Pavillion-30mins
3. Herbal Mask and Scrub-60 mins
4. Facial Massage during Mask
5. Anti-Cellulite Massage-30mins
6. Aroma Herbal Compress Massage-90mins
7. Thai-Indian Head Massage - 40mins
(Total 4.5 Hours)

What is the benefit of Yufai Ritual ?

YuFai Traditional will restore health and beauty to woman after childbirth. It’s help new mothers recover from the pain and structural changes a woman’s body endures from carrying and birthing a baby. Including

✓ Stimulate uterine revolution
✓ Promote secretion of lochia
✓ Stimulate breast feeding
✓ Strengthen abdominal wall
✓ Relieve muscle pain
✓ Firming body
✓ Nourish skin and decrease stretch marks

For YuFai Beauty, OR'EASE adapt treatments to be able to apply with any person who want to take care of themselves

Our Therapists

All therapists are certified, licensed, skilled test, background and criminal record check. 


  • What is your Operation hour ? - You can book from 8:00-22:00 and the last service not later than 24:00. You can book 1 hour to 7 days in advance. 
  • Can I pay by cash ? - We only allow prepaid due to therapist has to travel to your location and if they can' t contact you or you cancel the service. They can't take the risk of wasting time and money traveling back and forth. 
  • Can I choose therapist face ? - Therapist face and profile will be provided once complete the payment. Every OREASE's therapist is certified and qualified to service you. There is no need to choose face. We only do family friendly massage service. No other than that

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